My TOP SECRET “Indiana Jones” Hobby:: You Too Can Be Cool with GeoCaching

What is GeoCaching? It is the fastest growing family friendly global outdoor hobby. What a mouthful. The hobby is basically a GPS treasure hunting game in which players hide hidden containers (caches) in both urban and rural places for other players to find. Players often leave items or trade items between caches.

geocachingWHY? Why not? This is awesome fun. Just the mere idea that there are hidden containers with random objects within 100 yards of your home (probably) and you don’t know about it…. that’s cool. It bec0mes even more cool when you do know about it but think you are the only person in your neighborhood who does.

HOW TO START GEOCACHING? I am in the process of creating a site called where people can go to get free information about this hobby. You can visit the site right now and request a free copy of the Start Geocaching electronic guide to be emailed to you. That will get you rolling. As for gear you just need a handheld GPS device and if you have an iPhone or Android phone that will do just fine. There are apps available for download. You will also need an account on so you can view geocaches near you.

Jacob S. Paulsen

Video of me finding a Geocache in Provo Utah:

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