Loving Denver Colorado

We love it here. Ami and I have circled the Rocky Mountains to finally land in Colorado and I think we hit the jack pot. I remember how I used to refer to some of the previous places where we lived by saying “It has everything we need.” Well in referring to Denver I would just say, “It has everything.” I mean you don’t really need an awesome zoo, a huge children’s museum, or a Hard Rock Cafe but they sure are awesome to have around.

I’ve never been a huge sports guy up until now. Perhaps its because my home state of Wyoming had no professional sports teams and while in Utah I never went to a Jazz game. Now that we are in Denver I’m into it. Denver has more professional sports teams per capita than any other US city and its a big part of the culture. For Father’s day this year Ami got me a Rockies hat and I’m proud to wear it.

Its difficult to be further away from a lot of our family in Utah but we are grateful to be in Denver where we are closer to Ami’s sister and my closest brother in age. We are super looking forward to growing those relationships and being a destination for vacation for the family far removed.

Now, if we could just find a house in our target area, within our target budget, that has everything we are looking for… we’d be set.


  1. Rachael on June 20, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    We love having you here. We’re so excited for our 4th of July Blast.

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