Life Continues

The last few weeks have been adventurous for us. Last weekend we were in Wyoming for the funeral of Cathy Higgins; the mother of Allison Higgons who is a good friend of Ami’s. The trip went smoothly, but was less than super happy.

Our family has been sick of late. The cycle goes like this. Simon gets sick because the wind blows wrong. Then Ami gets sick because she spends all day with Simon. By the time Simon is getting over it and Ami is at the worst stages I get it. This go around Ami got it the worst of anyone being basically stuck in bed for two days over the weekend.

My most precious material possession (my cell phone) suffered a semi-fatal end. The earpiece went out the day before we left for Wyoming. I was “forced” to buy the brand new G1 for t-mobile. So far it has been a great transition. I would say we have had a crazy new year so far but we are looking forward to better times.

On a good note I have been extra busy lately teaching concealed carry classes. There is a strong rumor going around Utah that Obama is going to take away guns and concealed carry permits and that if you get it now yours will be grandfathered in. This is so ridiculous it makes me giggle when I’m falling asleep but it sure has been good for business.

Jacob Paulsen

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  1. Linda G. Paulsen on January 14, 2009 at 8:58 am

    It’s sad but true that when I’m reminded of my turn by seeing my kids experience the woes and throes of young parenthood, my first reaction is “thank goodness I’m through with that!” (and of course I remember it being worse for me–uphill both ways, you know). But that doesn’t prevent my sincere sympathies. Even empathies. And I’m eager to offer helps if you let me know what is wanted.

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