Boston, The Great American City

I had a great trip to Boston a few weeks ago. Boston is in every way the classic American city. Since I was in town for business I was only able to do any sight seeing in the evenings. My first evening there I walked around Harvard square, and drove through and past MIT, Harvard, & Boston College. What wonderful culture and history!

On my second evening in Boston I took the train to Boston Commons and walked the Freedom Trail. The Freedom trail is a 2 1/2 mile “red brick road” that takes you through the city of Boston, passing by the most historic sites. Because I had no tour guide I downloaded an app for my cell phone that walked me through the sites with an audio and visual tour. Technology still amazes me. I walked the entire trail and saw some of the most awe inspiring history in America. Sites include Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere’s house, The Old North Church, Site of the Boston Massacre, Bunker Hill and more. It would be difficult to call out which were my very favorite sites but the most emotional moment was atop Bunker Hill. I was there at 9:30pm on a Tuesday night during a slight rain shower. Not a single soul in sight. As far as I could see or hear I was the only person around. Super intense to consider how many people died on that hill and for what cause they were willing to die.

On my last night in town I was blessed with a gift of a ticket to a Red Sox vs Texas Rangers game. For all you non-baseball fans out there you should know that Fenway Park is labeled “America’s Most Beloved Ball Park” for a reason. With maybe the exception of Wrigley field in Chicago, Fenway is prized as a site and tourist attraction above all other ball parks. Sadly the Red Sox lost but I had a grand time watching the game in perfect weather.

I’ve been blessed this year to visit some amazing places. Sometimes we think we have to go to Theme Parks and Foreign countries when the very best vacations spots are just around the corner!

Jacob S Paulsen


  1. Ami Paulsen on July 25, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    We’re still going to Disneyland next Summer.

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