Baby Einstein

We are very grateful to Racheal & Chris Pivik who hooked us up with a bunch of Baby Einstein DVDs. Simon has a longer attention span for Baby Einstein than for any thing else we have tried. I think it should be classified along with fishing shows, camp fires, really fat people and other thing that you can't help but stare at. ‘m serious, even I find myself watching Baby Einstein when Simon isn't in the room. I don't always have much option since we now keep it on repeat play all day long.
On a side note I just finished listening to the complete audiobook “The Count of Monte Cristo.” Sweet book. I love the movie but the book was even better. On another side note who stole my movie “The Count of Monte Cristo?” I have an empty DVD case. On another side not my Spiderman 1 DVD case is also empty… ok enough side notes.


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  1. Rachael on June 3, 2008 at 7:36 pm

    I’m glad Simon likes them. They were an absolute lifesaver with Emily. Now she’s graduated to Little Einsteins. I hope by the time she’s older they’ll make Tween Einsteins and then Teen Einsteins and then Young Adult, Middle-Aged and Einsteins for the Elderly. Otherwise when they cut out, we’re going to have a crisis.

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