Top Ten Reasons Why I Boycot the iPhone

Ok, so people often act shocked when they find out that I had a macbook and sold it to switch back to a PC, or that I had an ipod but dumped it when I got my android phone. While most people still use PCs in general, the public is under the impression that when anyone switches to Mac there is no going back. Furthermore it is accepted as conventional wisdom that the iPod and the iPhone are the very best of MP3 players and Smartphones. I DON’T THINK SO, and therfore I am going to give it to you in a top 10 list of why I boycot the iPhone (and all the apple products really).

  1. iphoneCarrier Exclusivity. I can’t think of a single reason why Apple would only market their iPhone on AT&T’s wireless network, expect that AT&T must be paying them A LOT of money. Recent surveys confirm that AT&T has the lowest satisfaction among consumers in 17 of the 24 cities surveyed so Apple should be smart enough to realize that they stand to make a lot more money by opening up their product to as many different carriers as possible but no…. they are still stuck on the network with the least 3G coverage in the nation and while the phone can be unlocked, it remains a GSM device that could only be used on T-Mobile.
  2. Manufacturer Exclusivity. Apple is the only company making iPhones. Your initial reaction… DUH, but stop and think about it. How many different manufactures make Windows Mobile devices or Android Devices? THEY ALL DO! HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc. Microsoft & Google (the makers of Windows Mobile and Android) are smart enough to know that the more manufactures making devices that utilize their software platform the better. It means for higher competition which will improve the quality of the hardware and lower the end cost to the consumer.
  3. Closed Source. Apple may open their developer’s API up to the public so that anyone can design iPhone apps but there is still no way to modify the actual platform. This is the same difference between Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer that makes Firefox such a winner in the browser competition. Open Source platforms allow for billions of geeks around the globe to improve upon the basic ideas. This not only makes for a better end product for all consumers but it also means less time and expense on the end of the original designer in improving their product. So why doesn’t Apple open their iPhone platform? Control… fear of not having control which leads me to my next point.
  4. Upgrade Driven. The most recent iPhone release here in the USA now allows for video recording. So, might I ask what additional hardware they had to include to make this possible? NONE! It would be as easy as releasing a software update to allow all the previous iPhones to also record video. If you can take still pictures than you already have all the hardware necessary. They don’t release the update because it would mean less sales of the newest iPhone. This strategy is at place in everything that they do with all Apple products. They are more concerned with milking you for every conceivable dime than they are with delivering the highest quality product they can and supporting it as technology changes. Don’t believe me yet… just take a look at all the versions of iPods and put them on a timeline with when they were released.
  5. No Keyboard. Ok, so you are all saying that the virtual (on screen) keyboard is great and it just takes a little getting used to. I believe you but why not give users the choice? Both Android and Windows Mobile have devices available with both virtual and physical slide out keyboards. I’ve been in enough texting competitions to promise you that the physical keyboard will always be faster and more accurate. I do like having a virtual keyboard but please Apple… just give people the choice.
  6. No Widgets. What are widgets? Widgets are on screen changing applications that you can “stick” to your home screen on other smartphone platforms. For example a widget may display the current weather info for your current location, a news feed, analytics data, sports scores, music playlists, task lists, and schedules. The iPhone will display the number of unread emails or sms messages but that is about as far as widget options go.
  7. No Multi-Tasking. The iPhone is not capable of running several applications at once or running a program “in the background” with the exception of receiving emails, sms messages, and phone calls. Other smartphone platforms would allow you to be logged in to your favorite instant messaging program while at the same time browse a site online while checking your sports scores and weather data automatically every 30 minutes. With the iPhone when you exit an application it closes it. I admit that this keeps the iPhone running quickly without fear of freezing up but I just assume have the option to do many things at once.
  8. Mobile Me. Most iPhone users think I’m crazy when I mention this as a huge drawback for me. Yes, Mobile Me is great. It always syncs/backs up all your contacts, calendar, documents, etc but here is the main problem… it costs money. Android phones do all of that for free with Google’s already proven and free services: Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Gmail, and Google Documents. Why pay for a service that should be included with an already over priced phone?
  9. No Expandable Memory. Depending on the iPhone you purchase you may have a variety of different memory capacities and I admit that for normal users the included memory should be plenty enough however… you don’t have a choice. Any other smartphone platform that I am aware of would allow you to input expandable memory in the form of mini or micro SD cards but with the iPhone what you get is what you have.
  10. No Spare or Replacement Battery. There is no way to open the iPhone and replace or swap out the battery. Because modern cell phones are capable of so much with the thousands of third party apps and fast internet browsing speeds the battery life tends to be low. This is no fault of the iPhone or any other smartphone platform. Rechargable battery technology simply hasn’t caught up with smartphone technology and that means phones don’t last all day anymore. That isn’t a problem if you have any phone in the world other than the iPhone. The iPhone will not allow you to swap out a spare battery or even replace your battery if it gets old and stops holding a full charge. Of course that probably won’t be a concern since you won’t have the phone for more than a year before Apple releases a new version that has features that you will want thus forcing you to buy the new model anyway.


  1. Katie on December 29, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    Well said! I had an iPhone for a few months and recently switched over to the Motorola Cliq, which is powered by Android. I LOVE it. Everything on it is awesome. Though I have to argue with the first point, you CAN easily unlock an iPhone. I unlocked mine to use with Tmobile. Though it was a bit of a hassle to have to unlock it everytime there was an update, and I had to hack it so I could send and receive picture messages. Anyways, hopefully this iPhone craze will pass, and people will realize how awesome android phones are!
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Music 🙂 =-.

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