Quality Traffic Really is More Valuable than Quantity

Just a quick note today. In the last 60 days the traffic on my blogs has come down by about 20%. That is a very significant decrease. I suspect this could be due to a variety of factors including the holidays but I hope the change is due to my efforts to center my content more around my target audience.

trafficI used to be of the opinion that more traffic was always the goal. In the last 60 days I’ve been proven wrong because my display advertising revenue has doubled in that same period. I will take a 20% loss in traffic for double the money anytime.

During that period I’ve tried to compose more relevant content and interact more with my followers on the social networks. I’ve seen this start to change my audience and thus my traffic. I watch my subscriber count very closely on Feedburner. About the time my traffic started to dip I also noticed that my RSS subscribers started to go down. This most likely because some of the blog posts were not along the same line as some of my readers were used to. This weeded out those who were never a part of my target market. Now after 60 days, my total number of RSS subscribers has not only stopped dipping but has now surpassed the previous high point and continues to climb.

Naturally this doesn’t mean I don’t care about traffic. I will continue to work on driving more traffic to my blogs but I will be much more focused moving forward, on reaching my target audience!

Jacob S Paulsen

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