Entrepreneurs – Transition, Don’t Leap & Other Warnings

As the internet becomes flooded with entrepreneurs and home based business owners I have a few words of caution that I would like to express. A lot of the training content on my site is an explanation of what to do; but this post is to inform you as to what not to do.

1. The change from employee to entrepreneur was designed to be a transition and not a leap of faith. In our current economic crisis a lot of people who are losing their jobs are turning to network marketing to replace their income. BAD IDEA. Despite the many rags to riches stories you may have heard I can virtually promise failure if you attempt this. Secure a steady income before starting your part-time business! Become an entreprenuer to supplement your existing income and if it goes well… then continue the transition.

2. Marketing is not sales. You are a home based business owner of some sort and have a product/service/opportunity to share with people. Marketing as a professional includes doing some research, discovering your target market, setting a budget & schedule, building a network (making a list), and establishing a relationship of credibility with your network. There is a place for sales but only after marketing is done. Sales without marketing is called SPAM. Done online spam will ruin your credibility, and spamming those you meet will ruin your friendships.

3. Don’t waste all your time. Your greatest investment of time when starting out will be in education. If you think adding hundreds of friends on facebook is going to build your MLM you are clearly uneducated. Find the experts and learn from them.

Jacob S Paulsen

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