2009 Paradigm Shifts

Quickly, I want to talk about some of the upcoming MegaTrends of 2009. If there is a way for you to get involved in a business that will benefit from these trends, do it!

Social Media VS (books, newspapers, news, tv)

By the end of 2009, we will find people walking away from Books, Newspapers, TV, Radio, etc. Even TV will be pushed aside.  People are becoming so involved with the computer because it is the new media. News, movies, tv shows, music, books, and every other type of media is being duplicated or replaced online. The internet delivers the information in a faster, more convenient way.

Even human interaction has become digital. This isn’t all bad. While many things still need to be done face to face; social networks, photo streaming sites, blogs, and more have brought friends and businesses closer together than phone calls or letters ever could.

This may be hard to believe, but just remember ; your grandparents probably scoffed at the man who once predicted that every home would have a TV.

Mobile Internet

People are so connected to the internet that we will begin to see a huge movement toward mobile internet. Though not a new concept, Apple’s Iphone showed the world how easy it is to go mobile. Now Google/Android has produced the T-mobile G1. Copy cats are already on their way and 2009 won’t be over before the vast majority of people have internet on their cell phone.

Home Based Business

The recent economic crisis has shown our society there is no security in working for a big company. The only security you have is the security you create for yourself. People understand the need for multiple streams of income and in 2009, there will be a huge movement toward Home Based Businesses. The internet has once again made it easier to conduct business from wherever there is a computer.

Value for money (Dollars Follow Value)

The age of waking up in the morning and asking yourself, “How can I make more money today?” is ending. Finally, we are beginning to understand eternal business principles. This year, people will begin to understand, that income (or any other means of wealth) comes by creating value for someone else. People will begin waking up and thinking “How can I create more value for more people today?”  For too long we have been taught in our

society the principles of entitlement and victimhood. This year, you will notice the trend toward accountability and self responsibility. Attitudes of scarcity are being replaced with those of abundance.

Video Marketing

Until now, the internet marketing world has been primarily text driven. Blogs, articles, social media, capture sites, etc have primarily focused on the written word to drive traffic, and sell product. This year, video will begin to take over. Large retailers will begin posting product videos in place of written descriptions. Blogs will become Vlogs and YouTube will no longer just be a bunch of funny videos.

Online Conferencing

The World Wide Web has done it again in bringing businesses closer to each other. In 2009, businesses and organizations will book a lot less hotel rooms and conference rooms for meetings. Online Conferencing has brought the board room home. This technology, which allows people anywhere in the world to login to an online webroom to discuss, present, or train any material or

media, is eliminating the need for face-to-face, expensive, meeting rooms. For an example of Online Conferencing Technology, visit


Nutrition & Wellness

This is a megatrend that has been up-and-coming for the last 2-3 years. In 2009, it will explode like never before. People are more concerned than ever about being healthy and in shape. Exercise equipment, gyms, nutritional products, and work-out DVDs will be hot sellers. The baby boomers still control almost 70% of our economy, and for the next 15 years, this massive

generation of people will be turning 60. More than ever, this generation will be concerned with health and wellness.

Get with the trends of 2009! What do you think will be the next one?

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