Why I do It

I believe that everyone has what it takes. I believe that brilliance, joy, and prosperity, lie within every man and woman. I believe that when taught, all of us can release this inner producer and create greater value for all those around us. I believe that in that transfer of value we all become more wealthy.

What I Do

I provide inspiration, direction, and tools, to empower and guide those who are seeking truth and value.

How I Do It

I seek. I search for new ways to do what I do to further achieve the why I do it. I seek more truth and inspiration. I seek new relationships and tools of production.

I write. I write and empower others to write. I read and empower others to read. I teach and empower others to teach.

I build. I build tools, tutorials, guides, programs, and services to further the why.

Who Am I

I was born and raised in Wyoming and am currently living with my wife and two children in Denver Colorado. Always an entrepreneur, I learned quickly the importance and the impact of internet marketing. Almost fully self-taught I grew my own network of successful blogs and affiliate revenue streams. I have consulted with small business owners across the country to bring them into the 21st century with social media, mobile, and search engine marketing. Most recently I published another eBook titled, “The Blog SEO & Syndication Formula.” Currently I am employed full time as an Interactive Marketing Solutions Manager with Entravision Communications overseeing the local clusters in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Entravision, the largest publicly traded Hispanic broadcaster in the country, owns and operates over 100 TV and Radio stations around the country.

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