Google Webmaster Tools & XML Sitemaps Tutorial

When you first build a site you need to submit it to Google so that it can be indexed. Google can more easily index your site if you have a sitemap. Since the recording of this video several years ago, Google has created a robust and helpful dashboard of tools called Google Webmaster Tools. Check it out.

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Video Marketing: SEO and Content Syndication

As part of any online campaign you should be considering how to utilize video marekting as part of your strategy. Video Marketing syndication is getting a lot of buzz and attention right now because of 2 simple reasons. Firstly Video Marketing is a free HUGE back linking system that doesn’t cost anything. Everytime you publish a video to all…

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Filtering Through Facebook:: Social Media Video Tutorial

If you are anything like most of those users you might spend a good number of those 19 average minutes looking through the vampire quizzes, virtual zoos, and other complete nonsense that you don’t care about. You might also get sick of all the emails you receive every time you get poked or somebody you don’t know comments on your friend’s status that you “liked.”

This tutorial video will show you how to navigate Facebook, filtering out the junk you don’t care…

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