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Dollars Follow Value

If you wake up in the morning and ask yourself “How can I make more money today,” this article is for you. Our whole lives we have been trained incorrectly. The first time I heard the words “Dollars Follow Value,” it kept me up at night. This is about a shift in inward thinking.

The basic concept is that every dime that you earn will come out of someone else’s bank account. That means that you are ultimately trying to find a way to get more people to give you more money. That poses the question: “Why do people give you money?” The answer has to do with value and exchange.

Value is only created when exchanges are made. If I give you a candy bar and you give me one dollar we have made an exchange. Here is the key concept. The existing amount of material objects has not changed. There is still one candy bar and one dollar in the room, but both of us are richer than before. To you the candy bar was worth more than one dollar which made the trade worth it. To me the candy bar was worth less than one dollar. We both win and value is created.

So in the morning when you wake us you might start asking yourself, “How can I create more value for more people?” When deciding what business you want to go into or how to be more profitable at your current business, consider these questions:

  1. What is the single product or service that I can perform to create the most amount of value for someone?
  2. Who are the people that will see the most value in that product or service?
  3. How can that service or product be quantified in terms of the dollar? Or, in other words; how much is that product or service worth to someone else?
  4. How do I “market” that product to the highest amount of people to whom it will create value?

If you will focus on creating value in the lives of others you will see significant results not just in your financial portfolio but also in your relationships, which without any doubt hold far greater value to you than any amount of money ever could. Create value in the lives of others and dollars will value as a simple by-product.

Jacob S. Paulsen


2009 Paradigm Shifts

Quickly, I want to talk about some of the upcoming MegaTrends of 2009. If there is a way for you to get involved in a business that will benefit from these trends, do it!

Social Media VS (books, newspapers, news, tv)

By the end of 2009, we will find people walking away from Books, Newspapers, TV, Radio, etc. Even TV will be pushed aside.  People are becoming so involved with the computer because it is the new media. News, movies, tv shows, music, books, and every other type of media is being duplicated or replaced online. The internet delivers the information in a faster, more convenient way.

Even human interaction has become digital. This isn’t all bad. While many things still need to be done face to face; social networks, photo streaming sites, blogs, and more have brought friends and businesses closer together than phone calls or letters ever could.

This may be hard to believe, but just remember ; your grandparents probably scoffed at the man who once predicted that every home would have a TV.

Mobile Internet

People are so connected to the internet that we will begin to see a huge movement toward mobile internet. Though not a new concept, Apple’s Iphone showed the world how easy it is to go mobile. Now Google/Android has produced the T-mobile G1. Copy cats are already on their way and 2009 won’t be over before the vast majority of people have internet on their cell phone.

Home Based Business

The recent economic crisis has shown our society there is no security in working for a big company. The only security you have is the security you create for yourself. People understand the need for multiple streams of income and in 2009, there will be a huge movement toward Home Based Businesses. The internet has once again made it easier to conduct business from wherever there is a computer.

Value for money (Dollars Follow Value)

The age of waking up in the morning and asking yourself, “How can I make more money today?” is ending. Finally, we are beginning to understand eternal business principles. This year, people will begin to understand, that income (or any other means of wealth) comes by creating value for someone else. People will begin waking up and thinking “How can I create more value for more people today?”  For too long we have been taught in our

society the principles of entitlement and victimhood. This year, you will notice the trend toward accountability and self responsibility. Attitudes of scarcity are being replaced with those of abundance.

Video Marketing

Until now, the internet marketing world has been primarily text driven. Blogs, articles, social media, capture sites, etc have primarily focused on the written word to drive traffic, and sell product. This year, video will begin to take over. Large retailers will begin posting product videos in place of written descriptions. Blogs will become Vlogs and YouTube will no longer just be a bunch of funny videos.

Online Conferencing

The World Wide Web has done it again in bringing businesses closer to each other. In 2009, businesses and organizations will book a lot less hotel rooms and conference rooms for meetings. Online Conferencing has brought the board room home. This technology, which allows people anywhere in the world to login to an online webroom to discuss, present, or train any material or

media, is eliminating the need for face-to-face, expensive, meeting rooms. For an example of Online Conferencing Technology, visit

Nutrition & Wellness

This is a megatrend that has been up-and-coming for the last 2-3 years. In 2009, it will explode like never before. People are more concerned than ever about being healthy and in shape. Exercise equipment, gyms, nutritional products, and work-out DVDs will be hot sellers. The baby boomers still control almost 70% of our economy, and for the next 15 years, this massive

generation of people will be turning 60. More than ever, this generation will be concerned with health and wellness.

Get with the trends of 2009! What do you think will be the next one?


Social Media & Personal Branding Tools

My purpose in Social Media is quite simple. To establish meaningful relationships, brand myself as a marketing professional, and to make a profit. My greatest fear in all of this is the general amount of time I can waste in all the social media networks. So, my purpose in this article is to share with you the best tools that I have found to accomplish these; my three goals without wasting time. – Twitter has shown us the power of connecting with large groups of people and sending out consistent updates with meaningful information. is a tool that allows you to send out a “Tweet” from the website that will be automatically posted into your update on your twitter profile, your facebook status, your myspace, plaxo, blogger, linkedin, yahoo, plurk, and 30 other services that you can choose from. This is a sort of one stop status update shop. Send the message once and all of your contacts on all of your social networks will get the update.

TubeMogul – One of the Medias of Social Networking is Video. YouTube does get the most traffic of any video portal site but as long as you are going to put videos on YouTube why wouldn’t you submit them to other sites as well? TubeMogul is the one stop video upload stop. From here you can upload a video and have it submitted to youtube, dailymotion, yahoo, google video, myspace video, and many more. You can also track each video on each site to get feedback on their success.

Mobile Internet – What I mean by mobile internet is internet from your mobile phone. This will be money well spent on a decent phone as well as an internet/data plan for it. There are three reasons why having legitimate (meaning a real browser) internet on your cell phone will increase your social media productivity.

1 It’s the way of the future and it’s also the path to creating time freedom. It’s hard to enjoy life when you are tied to your computer desk. Mobile Internet means a level of freedom!

2 You will always have access to your networks. You can reply to people’s requests & messages faster, you can send out updates from anywhere. Most social network sites have nice mobile versions of their website that make it easy to stay up to speed. Thus you will increase the amount of value you can provide to your networks while optimizing your usage of the value they provide you.

3 You are much less likely to waste time in the social media sites when browsing from your cell phone. It is not nearly as fun to play Facebook’s MobWars on your cell phone and therefore you won’t do it.

Fring – Fring is one of several mobile IM applications that are available for Blackberry, WM, and iphone devices. Fring is my favorite thus far. (Should you not like it or prefer a different program I can also suggest Nimbuzz & Iskoot) If you have followed my advice above you will understand that I’m all about utilizing mobile devices. With that having been said I like to be available to my skype, google talk, msn, and other IM friends when they need me. So I take all of these messaging programs mobile on my cell. I can receive & send IM messages and receive call & make outgoing calls using my skype credit. All of this via the internet on my phone; not the cell minutes. This means that even when I travel internationally I can make calls from my cell anywhere I can get a wifi connection. That is cool!

TweetLater – If you have a large following on Twitter or if you plan on it I would advise getting a free account at Their service has several cool features. Here are some of them:

1 Set it up to automatically follow people who follow you. I hate Twitter Snobs (people who want to be followed but aren’t willing to follow) and this way you will be guaranteed not to be one.

2 Schedule Tweets. If you know you are going to be unavailable you can schedule tweets for a certain time of a certain day. This can also be useful to tweet about a specific event such as a webcast that you want people to know about.

3 Auto-Reply. If you have a lot of people following you each day you can set up the service to send people a custom thanks for following me message.

BudURL – If you like to provide value to people by sending them links to articles, services, and more than I suggest getting a free or paid account at This service will shorten long urls (much like but it will also track the number and type of people that click on that url. Very Cool!

Google Alerts – Want to keep track of your personal brand? Want to know what people are saying about your business, website, or service? Go to and put in any keyword that you want to follow. Google will email you a list of all the new content that has appeared online with that keyword in the time period you a lot. (I do mine daily).

Depending on what your purposes are in Social Media I would encourage you to take a look at the way you are utilizing these social networks and the way they are providing or consuming value in your life. Create a strategy to spend less time and be more effective in your Social Networking.

Jacob S. Paulsen


Pay Less in Taxes Through Business Incorporation

UPDATE: This information is now outdated and the author makes no guarantee as to its accuracy.

Those who are (for all tax purposes) self-employed, fall into two categories: those who work for a marketing or sales organization (MLM, Real Estate, Insurance, Sales) as 10-99 contractors; and those who run a small business out of their home without any business license or business entity protection.

There is nothing illegal about these scenarios. The IRS is quite happy to allow people to operate a “business” without setting up a legal business entity. This is because the IRS will make more in taxes on that business income.

10-99 contractors have a great opportunity to pay less in taxes than any other group of people in society, but 85% pay more than 4 times what is necessary. Companies are finding it increasingly more convenient to hire 10-99 contractors in place of employees. It saves companies both money and hassle.

The government tries to collect approximately 15% in taxes from everyone. This covers Social Security, Medicare, and Federal Income Taxes. In addition to these taxes, 10-99 contractors and other self-employed business owners are charged a 15.3% SELF-EMPLOYMENT tax. That makes for a total of over 30% in taxes. That is far too much to spend. What can we do about this?

Creating a business entity such as an LLC or S-Corporation will eliminate that self-employment tax and create a situation to maximize deductions available to businesses only. 10-99 contractors have nothing to lose and everything to gain by setting up a business to pass their taxes through. It doesn’t take much time, energy, or effort. Most CPAs, accountants, and attorneys charge between $500 and $800 for the initial setup cost. JP Squared Consulting offers businesses residing in Utah this service for only $100.

Contact JP Squared Consulting at and click on the link for New Entities.

Jacob S. Paulsen


Owning Your Own Business is the Path to Freedom

What do you want? Most of America is satisfied with the 40 by 40 plan, which is 40 hours per week for 40 years. In choosing a career, you see, we pick between two different factors: freedom and security. At first these two are opposites. If you choose security you will never achieve true freedom. If you choose freedom you will likely begin with no security at all and only achieve it after time. That is why the first decision you must make is Freedom; freedom over your time, your resources, and your property both material and intellectual.

As long as you trade your time for money you cannot achieve freedom. Some people argue that being paid salary or being self-employed doesn’t constitute trading time for money but I disagree. Ask yourself this question: If you don’t do any work for the next two weeks would your paychecks still arrive? If you answer no than you are still trading your time for money. The only way to stop this cycle is to own your own business system. See the Diagram:


Owning your own business system provides an opportunity for freedom because by employing others in a predictable pattern of activities you can achieve greater results than you could alone. If you get paid on the efforts of other people you begin to have leverage, and leverage is the key to financial freedom. Kiyosaki’s diagram shows us that only in the “B” & “I” quadrant can you achieve big results. You must make the conscious decision to move to the “B” quadrant and become the owner of a duplicable business system that doesn’t require your daily involvement.

Notice I said a business system that doesn’t require your daily involvement. Having your own business isn’t enough. Most business owners in reality only own a job. You must create or buy a business system that doesn’t require you coming into work every day, every week, every month, or even every year. This may not be possible during the first 6 months to a year of your business but it must be the end goal and your system must allow for it.

Only by making the conscious decision to desire freedom, own your own business, and create a true leverage based business system can you achieve your goals.

Jacob S. Paulsen


Favorite Web Services 2

In continuation from my previous post “Favorite Web Services 1″ I would like to show you a couple more awesome web services that everyone should be aware of.

geni logoGeni is an online revolutionary geneology service. Its modern design helps you catalog your ancestry but in addition you will be able to keep track of birthdays and other recent news shared by family members. Search for long lost relatives and even add friends not related to you.

google labs logoGoogle now has a new Website Creator. The genius of this new google program is that unlike many company website design programs google will also host your site for free. You can have as many pages as you would like and can integrate images and links etc. The one downside may be that the domain for your site will be This can be quickly solved though by purchasing a domain from somewhere like and
forwarding your domain to your google page. When you do the forward be sure to mask it.

google labs logoGoogle has also developed an elaborate SMS information system. You can send a text message from your phone to googl (46645) with an inquiry such as a phonebook request, weather info, sports scores, etc. The service is amazingly fast. It never takes more than 10 seconds to get a text message back with the requested info. If you are looking for the phone number or address for the local Staples just text “staples denver, co” to 46645 and in seconds you have all the info you want. There is no cost in addition to the normal cost to send and receive the text message.

woot is an amazing site that offers exactly one product each day. You can often buy multiple of the one item but watch out because they have
stellar deals. The webmasters are very creative and even if you don’t want the item of the day it might be worth reading about it anyway.

Jacob Paulsen


Favorite Web Services 1

So when it comes to home based business owners like myself, we really tend to feed on the coolest of the internet services. Especially the free ones. Today I just wanted to highlight a few of those. (No surprise any of these are google services).

Customized Home pages aren't anything new but Google has made a huge innovation in personalized home pages. With bazillions of different “widgets” you can add to your site there is almost little need to even leave you home page anymore.
Google Reader: Now that I'm into blogging and more importantly keeping up on other people's blogs I love this program that alerts me every time anyone on my list posts a new blog entry. Because I have a Google reader “widget” on my Igoogle home page I know immediately when family and friends post. I love it.

: Instant Messaging isn't really new either but Skype has changed the way we do this. They have integrated a full feature video VOIP phone. Fancy way of saying you can make phone calls for free via the internet to anyone anywhere in the world who also has the free software installed. Turning on the video is an option and we generally only use it for family who want to see the baby but still… Super Cool.

Plaxo: Plaxo does a lot of things but the coolest is its ability to synchronize your contacts and calendar between your Google, Yahoo, MSM, Hotmail, excite, email services in addition to MAC, Outlook, Express, etc. HOLY COW this is amazing. The premium services are cool too, but the free account does about everything I need it to do.

Ok. I'll stop for now. No doubt I will rave about more programs in the future.

Jacob S. Paulsen
skype: jacob.paulsen

The Power of Blogging

For those of us who are interested in Internet Marketing there are few things as powerful as blogging. At first the word blog may make you think about stay at home mom’s posting pictures of their children to a webpage, but blogging is much more than that. Blogs have a special ability to be crawled by search engines and their content reaches a very large audience. Search engines work off of many things but one of them is keywords. Reaccuring keywords in a blog are likely to make it very visible. Search engines also like changing content. Because blogs have a tendancy to have new content added almost daily they are extra “crawled” by the search engines. Also because blogs strongly resemble forums because posts to a blog can be commented on by visitors to the blog this can also increase the tendancy to be found by search engines.

Also blogs can have a tremendous impact on the increased visibility of your other marketing sites because of the RSS technology. Let me give you an example. This very post that you are reading right now will automatically be inserted into over 40 different sites today when I hit the “Post” button. Blogs can be subscribed to via an RSS feed. This allows me to automatically embed new posts into whatever website I choose. This allows my marketing sites to also have a constant change of content every time I post a new blog entry even though the general content of the site never changes. It also feeds a constant new set of key words into my marketing sites also making them more search engine friendly. The obvious key word in this post is Blog and if it weren’t such a common key word it might get some of my pages listed in the top
20 results of some search engines.

What service should you use to Blog? If you are interested in a social climate where you can have your friends read and remark to your blog I would suggest google’s very own Blogspot.

BloggerLogoThey allow a lot of customization to your blog and because they are hosted by google they are crawled fairly regularily by the search engine. You can opt to have a non public blog if you choose.

BlogFather LogoIf you are interested in creating an ongoing stream of new RSS content for your marketing website(s) I would suggest a service called BlogFather.  Blog Father was created by the internet marketing company Veretekk and their system is optomized for both search engine customization as well as RSS feeding.

Both of these services are free of charge so go to it! Start blogging today!

Jacob Paulsen


The Advantage of Online Conferencing

Technology is changing the way business is done in many ways. One of

those is conferencing. The old days of flying all of your team into one

location and paying for a hotel conference room are over. The expenses

of leasing a conference room, travel, etc are just to much, and frankly

not necessary.

Web conferencing has created a more practical solution. Now your

team can join you in an online webcast room from anywhere in the world where

they have an internet connection. This means that nobody needs to get

dressed up or travel anywhere. There are various web conferencing

software options available. I have tried at least a trial of all of

them and I have found that the Vereconference system designed by Ivocalize is by far the most stable and the most versatile. Also, I

found it to be the least expensive option out there.

Here are some advantages to the VereConference webcast system.

  • All you need is a computer with an Internet connection of

    any kind.

  • You can use it to provide live, online support for your

    existing customers and website visitors.

  • Perform live onling training sessions for your team.
  • Clean interface. Extremely easy to use! Just click the link

    and you’re in!

  • Rich, quality sound. All you need is a headset and speakers!
  • Text chat for your guests

    without a microphone!

  • Private text

    chat conversations on the side of the main presentation!

  • Keyboard commands for visually impaired users!
  • Synchronized

    web browsing allows you to push web pages for 1000′s of

    viewers to see.

  • Superior white board features!
  • Supports IFRAMES in html web pages.
  • 100% Internet

    based – no phone line or teleconference needed.

  • Recording feature – archive your meetings and post them on

    the web! (not included with free rooms)

  • Unlimited monthly web conferencing!
  • Customize the look and feel of your room.
  • Live customer support – just when you need it!

For more information or to try a VereConference trial room for free


Jacob Paulsen

skype: jacob.paulsen