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Coolest Internet Services

So when it comes to home based business owners like myself, we really tend to feed on the coolest of the internet services. Especially the free ones. Today I just wanted to highlight a few of those. (No surprise any of these are google services).

IGoogle: Customized Home pages aren't anything new but Google has made a huge innovation in personalized home pages. With bazillions of different “widgets” you can add to your site there is almost little need to even leave you home page anymore.

Google Reader: Now that I'm into blogging and more importantly keeping up on other people's blogs I love this program that alerts me every time anyone on my list posts a new blog entry. Because I have a Google reader “widget” on my Igoogle home page I know immediately when family and friends post. I love it.

Skype: Instant Messaging isn't really new either but Skype has changed the way we do this. They have integrated a full feature video VOIP phone. Fancy way of saying you can make phone calls for free via the internet to anyone anywhere in the world who also has the free software installed. Turning on the video is an option and we generally only use it for family who want to see the baby but still… Super Cool.

Plaxo: Plaxo does a lot of things but the coolest is its ability to synchronize your contacts and calendar between your Google, Yahoo, MSM, Hotmail, excite, email services in addition to MAC, Outlook, Express, etc. HOLY COW this is amazing. The premium services are cool too, but the free account does about everything I need it to do.

Ok. I'll stop for now. No doubt I will rave about more programs in the future.

Jacob Paulsen


Trusted Resources

So maybe its just me but I was thinking about how much time it takes me to pay attention to the Presidential Election news. The more logical solution is to find someone whose opinion I can trust and just ask them who I should vote for. I would have to be careful for sure in choosing my reliable person. In fact I may even have to ask for applications from people just so that I can qualify their personal & family standards before the interview process. When it comes down to it maybe I should hold an election to pick out that right person, once again complicating this entire process. After due consideration I think I'll just ask my wife who to vote for turning what could have been hours and hours of research etc into a three minute question/answer before going to the polls.

Why stop there. If I could get a reliable source that could tell me what movies to watch, what music to buy on Itunes, what funny movies to watch on YouTube, and what restaurant to take Ami to then so much time could be saved. The tediousness of selecting any of the above would only have to be a one time process in choosing a reliable and trustworthy source. So if any of you would like to volunteer your opinions for something that you are passionate about I will consider you to be my go-to person for future decisions. Just let me know in the comments.

Then again maybe its just me.